Smart Event Management





All compulsory

KAMS21SE1 Basics of Organizing Events 5 cr
HM10007 Introduction to Event Management 2 cr
HM10008 Event Development 3 cr
KAMS21SE2 Implementation of the Event 10 cr
HM10025 Communication, Marketing and Image Management 3 cr
HM10010 Event Security and Logistics 3 cr
HM10021 Catering 2 cr
HM10022 Sustainable Development in Event Management 2 cr
KAMS21SE3 Event Economics 10 cr
HM10012 Smart Event Economy 4 cr
HM10013 Communicating the Economy and Cooperation with Sponsors 2 cr
HM10014 Purchasing Services for an Event, Contracts and IPR 4 cr
KAMS21SE4 Knowledge Management 20 cr
HM10015 An introduction to event management with knowledge 10 cr
HM10016 Smart Event Planning and Management 10 cr
KAMS21SE5 Event Design, Innovations and Pilots 15 cr
HM10017 Event as an Innovation Platform 10 cr
HM10018 Financing Event Innovations and Innovation Cooperation 5 cr
HM10083 Event Digital Marketing and Analytics 3 cr
HM10084 Drone at Events 2 cr