CampusOnline, Spring 2022



All compulsory

LUP7027 Adobe Illustrator 3 cr
HM10001 Adobe Photoshop, as a Tool for Graphic Design 3 cr
STP7041 Basics of Green Care 5 cr
SH10004 Basics of Sexual Health 5 cr
LTP7154 Brand Management 3 cr
BIP7046 3 cr
IE10065 CircularBio Innovations 5 cr
STP7005 Client-oriented e-Services in Health Care and Social Welfare 5 cr
BIP7042 Collaborative problem solving in multidisciplinary networks  5 cr
HM10003 Composition and Color Theory in Graphic Arts 3 cr
LTP7227 Creating and Marketing of an Online Store 5 cr
LUP7063 Data Visualization  3 cr
STP7073 Development of School-Aged Children and Adolescents 5 cr
STP7042 Domestic Violence 2 cr
STP7006 e-Services in Client Work of Health Care and Social Welfare Work 5 cr
KEP7014 English Refresher 3 cr
LTP7108 Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Market-Tested Business 5 cr
STF6038 Entrepreneurship in Physiotherapy 3 cr
SS10003 Ethics in Social and Healthcare 1 cr
STP7078 Ethics in Telerehabilitation 1 cr
LUP7073 Exceptional Event Management 2 cr
LUP7072 Exploring Sustainable Tourism 2 cr
LTP7230 Finnish for Informational Writing 5 cr
KY10005 Finnish for Work 6 cr
KY10004 Finnish in the Media 5 cr
BIM6043 Forest Damages 2 cr
BIM6020 Forest Energy 5 cr
LTP7127 German in the Media 3 cr
STP7064 Get to Know Your Pelvic Floor 5 cr
STP7055 Guiding Skills in Green Care -Nature Based Services 5 cr
SH10002 Healthcare Services During Incidents Under Normal Conditions and During Emergencies 2 cr
SH10006 Impact of Life Crises and Illnesses on Sexual Health 5 cr
LTP7188 Introduction to Co-operative Business  5 cr
BIP7028 Introduction to Finnish Forestry 3 cr
LTP7211 Introduction to Robotic Process Automation 2 cr
LTP7118 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training 2 cr
STP7049 Lean Thinking  5 cr
KEP7074 Learning research and development 2, Ethics 1 cr
STIY7001 Managing Age Diversity 5 cr
LTP7126 Media Russian 3 cr
STF6064 Methods of Research-based Thesis 2 cr
STP7045 My Active Life in Elderly Age 5 cr
KEP7075 New Winds of Recruitment 5 cr
STP7044 Nurse's Practice and Counselling  5 cr
SY10011 Online interaction in Social and Health Services I 2 cr
SY10012 Online interaction in Social and Health Services II 3 cr
BIP7016 Perspectives to Bioeconomy 2 cr
LUP7038 Photography and Digital Editing I 3 cr
LUP7039 Photography and Digital Editing II 3 cr
STP7074 Physiotherapy for school-aged children and adolescents 5 cr
STP7002 Physiotherapy in Musculosceletal Disorders 5 cr
STP7075 Physiotherapy in schools 5 cr
LUP7071 Piece of Service Design 2 cr
STP7062 Preventive Mental Health and Substance Abuse Nursing 5 cr
SH10005 Professional and Ethical Sexual Counselling 5 cr
BIP7040 Profitability of Forest Growing  5 cr
LUP7019 Publication Layout, Adobe InDesign CC  3 cr
LTP7165 Recognise and productise your skills 3 cr
STP7008 Rehabilitation 5 cr
STP7009 Rehabilitation Methods 5 cr
LTP7197 Repair Technologies of Moisture Damaged Buildings  4 cr
STP7080 Resource-Oriented Work in Co-Operation with Caretakers 5 cr
LTP7212 Robotic Process Automation 5 cr
STP7043 Robotization of services 5 cr
LTP7213 RPA Business Case 10 cr
LTP7128 Russian Word Processing 3 cr
STP7051 Service Design  5 cr
STP7072 Sleep for power! 5 cr
BIY6015 Sources and Use of Renewable Energy 5 cr
SS10002 Specific Issues of Foster Care in Child Welfare 5 cr
LTL6026 Statistical Methods 3 cr
LTP7037 Successful Marketing 5 cr
KEP7065 Svensk klinik - Easy Swedish 3 cr
LTP7184 Tekla Structures and common BIM requirements 2012 5 cr
STP7082 The use of documented data, knowledge-based management 2 cr
AVP7010 Tools for Social Media 3 cr
HM10002 Typography 3 cr