Open UAS Studies, Summer 2022





All compulsory

AVKE22IE Energy and Environmental Technology 0 cr
BIP7016 Perspectives to Bioeconomy 2 cr
BIP7046 3 cr
AVKE22SF Physiotherapy 0 cr
YI10003 Memory Friendliness in Everyday Life 2 cr
AVKE22SH Nursing 0 cr
SY10011 Online interaction in Social and Health Services I 2 cr
SY10012 Online interaction in Social and Health Services II 3 cr
STP7017 Preventive Mental Health and Substance Abuse Work 5 cr
STP7044 Nurse´s Practice and Counselling  5 cr
SH10004 Basics of Sexual Health 5 cr
STP7043 Robotization of services 5 cr
STP7082 The use of documented data, knowledge-based management 2 cr
SH10002 Healthcare Services During Incidents Under Normal Conditions and During Emergencies 2 cr
SH10005 Professional and Ethical Sexual Counselling 5 cr
SH10006 Impact of Life Crises and Illnesses on Sexual Health 5 cr
STP6007 The Customer as an Active Participant in Social and Health Services I  3 cr
AVKE22KI Language Studies 0 cr
LTP7127 German in the Media 3 cr
KY10004 Finnish in the Media 5 cr
STP7031 I am Writing  5 cr
KEP7065 Svensk klinik - Easy Swedish 3 cr
LTP7166 Goethe Test Pro German for Professionals 1 cr
LB10057 Study Skills and Karelia University of Applied Sciences as Study Environment 1 cr
AVKE22LI Liiketalous (not translated) 0 cr
LTP7089 Business Management and Managerial Accounting 4 cr
LTP7088 Labour Law 3 cr
LTP7103 Business Coaching 5 cr
LTP7108 Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Market-Tested Business 5 cr
LTP7036 Business Accounting and Finance 5 cr
LTP7188 Introduction to Co-operative Business  5 cr
AVKE22HM Media 0 cr
HM10001 Adobe Photoshop, as a Tool for Graphic Design 3 cr
LUP7027 Adobe Illustrator 3 cr
HM10023 Instagram 1 cr
HM10024 YouTube 1 cr
AVKE22DD Information Technology 28 cr
LTJY3006 Knowledge Management 5 cr
DT10064 Coding a Self-Driving Car in JavaScript 3 cr
LTP7118 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training 2 cr
LTP7213 RPA Business Case 10 cr
LTP7211 Introduction to Robotic Process Automation 2 cr
DT10065 Introduction to Business Information and to Construction of BI Systems 5 cr
DT10076 Social Media Marketing Campaign 1 cr
AVKE22SS Sosiaaliala (not translated) 0 cr
STP7080 Resource-Oriented Work in Co-Operation with Caretakers 5 cr
AVKE22RT Rakennus- ja talotekniikka (not translated) 0 cr
LTL6026 Statistical Methods 3 cr
LTP7196 The Planning of Repairs of Moisture Damaged Buildings and Required Energy Efficiency  4 cr
AVKE22MM Metsätalous (not translated) 0 cr
BIP7028 Introduction to Finnish Forestry 3 cr
BIM6043 Forest Damages 2 cr
BIM6049 Training for Forest Ecosystem Management Qualifications 2 cr
MM10001 Introduction to Wood Procurement 3 cr