Construction Economics Complementary





Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 0 cr

LTR6066 Applications of Modeling in Construction Management 4 cr
LTR6065 Applications of Modeling in Design 4 cr
LTP7191 Building Condition Surveys and Building Inspections  3 cr
LTP7192 Building Thermal and Moisture analysis and design  4 cr
LTR6061 Business and Entrepreneurship 3 cr
BIY6045 Circular Economy 6 cr
LTP7199 Common BIM requirements  3 cr
LTP7198 Construction repair Techniques  4 cr
LTR6042 Cost Management in Construction Project 3 cr
LTP7074 Energy Efficiency of Buildings 3 cr
LTR6064 Foundation Engineering in House Building 5 cr
LTP7071 House Building 2 5 cr
LTP7194 HVAC Condition Assessments  4 cr
LTP7195 HVAC Renovations  3 cr
LTP7193 Indoor Environments  4 cr
LTP7077 Leadership in Consrtuction 3 cr
LTP7177 Project Studies 2 cr
LTP7178 Project Studies 3 cr
LTR6062 Reinforced Concrete Structures 2 5 cr
LTP7197 Repair Technologies of Moisture Damaged Buildings  4 cr
LTR6054 Steel Construction 3 cr
LTR6068 Steel Structures 2 5 cr
LTP7184 Tekla Structures and common BIM requirements 2012 5 cr
LTP7196 The Planning of Repairs of Moisture Damaged Buildings and Required Energy Efficiency  4 cr
IR10008 Timber Structures 3 5 cr