Karelia, Open UAS Studies, Spring, 2024





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Energy and Environmental Technology
AVP7013 Anatomy and Physiology JYK 1  1.5 cr
SF10040 Could I be a Physiotherapist? 2 cr
SF10037 Motor Development 2 cr
SF10036 Physiotherapy as a Rehabilitation Profession 1 cr
SF10038 A Healthy Pelvic Floor 1 cr
SF10039 What Everyone Should Know About Pain? 1 cr
SH10063 Ability to Function with Memory Impairment 5 cr
ST10014 Introduction to the Physiology of Pregnancy 1 cr
ST10015 Introduction to the Physiology of Aging 1 cr
Language Path
KP10052 Russian Word Processing 3 cr
Mechanical Engineering
IK10072 Data Analytics for Operations Development with Minitab 5 cr
IK10073 Excel Basics 2 cr
IK10074 Do I Think I'm a Mechanical Engineer? 2 cr
Business Economics
LTP7188 Introduction to Co-operative Business  5 cr
LTP7154 Brand Management 3 cr
LTP7187 Managerial Communication  3 cr
LTP7188 Introduction to Co-operative Business  5 cr
LTP7165 Recognise and productise your skills 3 cr
LTP7108 Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Market-Tested Business 5 cr
LL10021 Labour Law 3 cr
Tourism and Hospitality Management
LUP7072 Exploring Sustainable Tourism 2 cr
LUP7073 Exceptional Event Management 2 cr
PR10046 Digital Marketing of the Event 3 cr
PR10045 Area Planning of the Event with Modeling Software 1 cr
HM10082 Microsoft 365 Cloud Service: Sway, Forms, WhiteBoard, ToDo ja Bookings 2 cr
HM10081 Basics of Microsoft 365 cloud service 1 cr
MM10057 Could I be a Bachelor of Forestry? 2 cr
MM10066 Multiple Use of Forests 2 cr
MM10001 Introduction to Wood Procurement 3 cr
Construction Engineering and Building Services Engineering
Social Services
SS10044 Digital Counselling in Social and Health Care and Employment Services 4 cr
Information Technology
Artificial Intelligence Essentials
DT10074 Data Analytics with Python 5 cr
DT10075 Artificial Intelligence with Python 5 cr
DT10073 Programming Essentials in Python 5 cr
YP10006 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training 2 cr
Postgraduate Studies
YI10003 Memory Friendliness in Everyday Life 2 cr
YY10001 Age Friendly Business 5 cr